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A message to Redheadxilamguy
:iconredheadxilamguy: sucks DICK! He's the phony! I'm da real boy here. WATCH me before I use a program that automatically does my JOB!!!
Whirly Brains is AWEEZOOOMEEEE ;)
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The Photo Transporter: The BH2
The Photo Transporter: The Book and the Head II
Phineas, Baljet, Isabella, and Ferb arrive at the Fireside Girls lodge.
Phineas: So where did you say which room you were sleeping in?
(Isabella tells Phineas the room number.)
Phineas: Oh, okay. Well in that case, Let's go find Isabella's body! 
(They then run into the Fireside Girls lodge and then go inside the room. They then see Gretchen & Adyson, two of the Fireside Girls sitting with Isabella's body. Which is shaking due to it losing it's head.)
Gretchen: Don't worry Isabella.
Adyson: We'll find your head.
(Baljet looks at the girls)
Baljet: What the heck is wrong with Isabella's body? Shouldn't Isabella be controlling it?
Ferb: Apparently, Isabella's consiousness got split into two parts. The head, and the body.
Phineas, Baljet, & Isabella: Wow
Isabella: So does that mean I'm the head now.
Phineas: I guess so.
(Phineas then comes up to Gretchen, Isabella's body, and Adyson.)
Phineas: Hey Isabella... I mean Isabell
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SpongeBob Season 10 review: Whirly Brains - BV
The episode begins with..... what else? SpongeBob and Patrick being bored, while playing stick in a cup. Until all of a sudden, they saw a commercial on TV about a new toy known as "Whirly Brains", where they fly their own brains?? WHAT??!! Here's how: Flip your lid, attach the propeller to your brain, and watch your brain soar hundreds of feet into the air?? And SpongeBob and Patrick make scary reactions to the commercial, as they loved it?? I know it's just a cartoon, but it really makes no sense. Even an actual cartoon character would wanna LITERALLY remove their brain. The two fight over the TV, but when it was later fixed, they rushed to the Bikini Bottom Toy Store, and bought Whirly Brains. Opening Patrick's head wouldn't work, so SpongeBob had to scare him with.... what else? A scary mask, which causes Patrick to open his head lid. "It's just me, Patrick", says SpongeBob. And then Patrick is relieved, for whatever reason. SpongeBob then attached the propeller to
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wtf how can you still be watching RedheadXilamGuy you desperate assholes now unwatch him, will you? This account is never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever shutting down.
i will find a way to hack into RedheadXilamGuy even if it takes 10000000000000000000000000000000000 years
unwatch RedheadXilamGuy and watch me this account will not be closing.


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Daniel Dell
United States
My interests: Phineas and Ferb, Grojband, Jimmy ScreamerClauz, Crime, Annoying Orange, etc.

Phineas and Ferb, Grojband, Jimmy ScreamerClauz, Crime, Annoying Orange, etc.


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